Think time!! Think week I will be doing something a little different; instead of reviewing a social media network or a brand’s social media I will be reviewing blog posts from some great minds in marketing and social media. I looked at several different blogs sites from different authors, all of which had very insightful information, but I found on in particular that I thought was really interesting that I wanted to share with you all.

This post is by Andrew Cokenour called “Twitter Chat Success Secrets with SMBHOU” posted on the Zoetica Media’s website. The reason why I found this article so interesting is because I had never heard of Twitter Chat before. Twitter Chat is basically hashtags that are organized so individuals can chat over them. At first I didn’t really understand the point of Twitter Chat because Twitter already allows people to chat by hashtag but I realized that Twitter Chat allows these conversation to be smaller therefore more personalized and the opportunity to be more in-depth.

Twitter Chat usually operates on a question and answer format that allows the creator to have some control over where the conversation will go. Anyone can create a Twitter Chat around any given topic but it is important to have the topic be specific enough so it won’t get confused with something else. However, I found it strange that if you want to search a list of chats to join you more go to another website like Tweet Chat.

Twitter Chat is an interesting new way for companies to interact with their audience by having more personal conversations and as  the blog explain some companies have had success with this new technology. But I also think I also think Twitter Chat need to make some improvement before it makes it into mainstream social media. I am excited to see where this new technology will go and how business will use it.

If you want to read the blog I reviewed, check it out at :




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